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The first issue of Shortwave Bulletin dates back to the Summer of 1961! Many of the world´s best and most experienced DX'ers have been and are still members and contributors. SWB's objective is to quickly issue the latest and hottest DX catches to the members.
The latest issue is available for all DX-ers from the Archive. Older issues from SWB #1 (from July 15, 1961) can be found in the SWB archive-old as a courtesy to all DX-ers.

Shortwave Bulletin is produced in Sweden basically in Swedish, but contributions are normally presented in original language, so you will find all Scandinavian languages as well as English in this bulletin.

Quality is the key word. SWB publish information of interest to the experienced DX-er. This is not a forum for the newcomer to shortwave. SWB is published every second week. We welcome new active members.

To achieve membership: Contact the editor and give us a short introduction. The SWB board has the right to accept or turn down applications for membership.

Key benefits of the membership is the guarantee to receive the best and hottest DX news as fast and regularly as possible. Your personal printed hard copy is produced and mailed same day as deadline day! Within a few hours after deadline (normally 0800 UTC Sundays) - a pdf-version is already there for you in the mail.

HF Propagation

What do the figures mean: High solar flux (solar flux is expected to begin rising from 65 up to >200 when the next solar maximum is expected), high A-Index (> 10), high  K-index ( > 5) due to geomagnetic storms, also proton events and polar-cap absorption are bad news; giving poor long-distance reception of medium wave and tropical band stations, especially affecting paths over polar areas and paths east/west of your location. For instance Polar-cap absorption can completely wipe out signals in polar areas for several days.
Glossary of solar terrestrial terms, see http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/content/space-weather-glossary or see the serious effects on conditions at http://www.esr.se/index.php/vagutbredning (Konditioner, solfläckar och sånt ... in Swedish)

SWB - Shortwave Bulletin

pdf.gif (134 bytes) Download the latest SWB issue
SWB Archive - issues from May 1999

Latin American Corner

Sonidos y visiones de América Latina 2012-2013 by Francesco Clemente exclusively for ARC/SWB
Latin American Music Styles by Henrik Klemetz & Jay Novello
Latin America by Radio update 2010 by Henrik Klemetz
What Time is it?  by Henrik Klemetz
Comprobando la hora? by Henrik Klemetz
Dateline Bogotá Library 1993 - 1998 compiled by Henrik Klemetz
Having fun with your radio, from LA DXing no. 7, written by Henrik Klemetz
Peru on SW - Peruvian stations, by Henrik Klemetz (1992-1998) & Rafael Rodriguez R. (1998-2015)
Peru on SW - Recordings by Henrik Klemetz (1992-1998) & Rafael Rodriguez R. (1998-2002)

Exotic Sounds from Mosquito Coast ... and more! (from www.mcdxt.it)

All pages courtesy of Francesco Clemente, Italy.
The audio samples on this site may be re-used for non-commercial purposes only mentioning
the original author and the following: "via Exotic Sounds from Mosquito Coast DX Team, Italy.

Latin American SW Logs (as of 29th Feb. 2012)
Latin American SW logs - the recordings
  The complete Exotic Sounds recording list
Exotic Sounds, the complete list in country order
  Recordings by continents
European stations
Iberian stations
Mediterranean stations
African stations
Middle East stations
South East Asian stations
Asian stations
Oceania stations
North American stations
Caribbean stations
Central American stations
South American stations
Andean stations
Latin American stations
  Recordings by frequency band & others
Tropical band stations
SW stations
MW stations
FM stations
Clandestine stations
Pirate stations
Standard Time & Frequency Signals
UNID's & recordings needing more data

  Other recordings, QSL's, etc
America Latina en el Aire, recordings in Scandinavia 1974 - 1980 by Simo S. Soininen & DX-ers from FDXA, Finland
How to listen to Latin America - by O. Lund Johansen, World Publications 1965
Those were the Radios - and no more now! Recordings of bygone stations from 1961, by O. Lund Johansen, Henrik Klemetz, Simo S. Soininen & others
pdf.gif (134 bytes) A Historical Archive by G. Kock (station pictures, recordings, QSL & pennants)
  SW (60 and 49 mts), MW and FM recordings in Cochabamba, Bolivia, late January 2014 by Stig Hartvig Nielsen
Cochabamba - bandscan FM, MW and SW  by Stig Hartvig Nielsen, Denmark
Cochabamba FM Dial
Cochabamba AM Dial
Cochabamba SW Dial
  Traveling Radio Memories
San Martín de los Andes and San Carlos de Bariloche - 1978 by Henrik Klemetz
Rio de Janeiro Aeropurto de El Galeao Brasil - 1977 by Henrik Klemetz
Mexico D. F.  - 1981, Sounds from the 25th floor, by Francesco Clemente
Paseando por America Central, Agosto 1994, Aldo Moroni
Martorell Catalunya - Espana. Escuchas en FM, 22-29 Nov. 2007 by Francesco Clemente
Georgetown, June 2008 & South Carolina - by Francesco Clemente
Rio de la Plata 2009, from Tacuarembó, Uruguay - by Valdo Dorigo
Rosario & Buenos Aires Radio, 1977 - 1978 by Henrik Klemetz


pdf.gif (134 bytes) ON4UN's Low-Band DXing, by John Devoldere
pdf.gif (134 bytes) The Beverage Antenna Handbook, third edition, by Victor A. Misek
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Practical Antenna Handbook, by Joseph J Carr
Low Band Receiving Antennas, by Al Penney, VO1NO


pdf.gif (134 bytes) List of private US shortwave stations, Rev 2015, by Lennart Weirell


Antennas in general

pdf.gif (134 bytes) W8WWW Antenna and other experimentation, by Gregory Ordy
pdf.gif (134 bytes) BevPro - 1: The Ultimate Reversible Beverage Antenna System
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Low Band Receive Antennas, Al Penney VO1NO
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Low Band Receiving Antenna Comparisons by K7TJR
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Low Band RX-antennas, Pekka Ketonen
pdf.gif (134 bytes) High Performance Receiving Antennas for a Small Lot, by N4IS 

Flag, Pennant, Loop, KAZ, K9AY antennas

pdf.gif (134 bytes) Altazimuth Loop Antenn enligt Gordon P Nelson i förenklad form, av Thomas Nilsson
pdf.gif (134 bytes) How to build a reversible Flag-antenna, by Thomas Nilsson
pdf.gif (134 bytes) ALA100 special designed antenna without Wellbrook amplifier, by Thomas Nilsson
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Preliminary simulation of two kinds of Flag antennas for MW band, by Fumiaki Minematsu
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Shared Apex Loop, by Mark Bauman KB7GF
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Wellbrook ALA100 large aperture loop, User review by Alan Gale, G4TMV
Flag Antenna Construction and Test Results, by Mark Connelly
WD8DSB Three Pennant Array with receiving examples, by WD8DSB
The Dallas Files, Dallas Lankford
Delta loops for HF by W5SDC
40-10 m Delta loop antenna by GU3WHN
pdf.gif (134 bytes) K9AY Loops, by Gary Breed, Array Solutions
pdf.gif (134 bytes) How to build the K9AY loop, by Gary Breed, Array Solutions
pdf.gif (134 bytes) The K9AY loop antenna for 160 and 80 m bands, by ON7EQ
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Testing Two "KAZ" Squashed Delta Antennas,  by John Bryant
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Comments on the W8DSB Terminated Bow Tie RX Antenna, by Rudy Severns N6LF
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Pennant and KAZ Antenna Tests, by Mark Connelly
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Phasing improves KAZ antenna nulls, by Mark Connelly (+ comments from Andy Ikin, Wellbrook)
pdf.gif (134 bytes) The D-KAZ Cookbook, Part 1, Mark Durenberger
pdf.gif (134 bytes) The D-KAZ Cookbook, Part 2, Mark Durenberger
pdf.gif (134 bytes) "Medium-Sized" Low Band RX Antenna Solutions, by Gary Breed, Array Solutions
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Beam steering on 160 meters by K1LT
pdf.gif (134 bytes) PA0SIM Home page, info about dual loops & phasers
pdf.gif (134 bytes) RX antennas at IV3PRK: The QDFA project
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Mark's RF Circuit Building Blocks Page, by Mark Connelly, WA1ION
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Buddipole antenna, NRD 545 & Clifton Laboratories Products,  by Bernard Malet
pdf.gif (134 bytes) 7 Inch Diameter “Affordable” FSL Antenna, By Gary DeBock, Puyallup, WA, USA
pdf.gif (134 bytes) RF PRO-1A and ALA1530 Active Loop Antennas Evaluated with Perseus, by Guy Atkins
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Building the Balanced Terminated Folded Dipole, T2FD, by Rob Wagner
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Top Band Mailing Lists Archive, Top Band - 160 m
pdf.gif (134 bytes) The effect of size and height on Flag RX Antennas. VE6WZ
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Flag and Pennants, Receive antennas for limited space, K3KY's DX-Toolbar

Beverage antennas

pdf.gif (134 bytes) ON4UN's Low Band DX-ing, Chapter 1-16
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Pushing the limits of the beverage, by Torolf Johnsson
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Beverages: How short can they be? AY-Technologies
pdf.gif (134 bytes) W8WWW - Beverage Pattern Animations, by Gregory Ordy
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Ideas for enhanced Beverage Antenna Performance, by Peter Hutter WW2Y & Rob Flory K2WI
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Beverage Antenna Tips, by N1EU
OH2BEN reversible Beverage Antenna, building instructions
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Beverage Antenna Designs, by KW2P
pdf.gif (134 bytes) W8JI Antenna website
pdf.gif (134 bytes) W8JI Antenna receiving antennas
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Rx antennas at IV3PRK: Interactions, a study on interactions between antennas on low bands
pdf.gif (134 bytes) The Amazing BOG antenna, by VE7SL
pdf.gif (134 bytes) The reversible BOG at HC12PF
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Beverage on ground (BOG), PA5MW

Baluns, Ferrite cross reference, etc.

pdf.gif (134 bytes) How to make a great 9:1 RX transformer, by Gary Breed, Array Solutions
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Fabricating impedance transformers for receiving antennas, 2001, by John Bryant
pdf.gif (134 bytes) A second look at fabricating impedance transformers, 2003, by John Bryant
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Impedance matching transformers for MW and lower SW, final,  2003, by John Bryant
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Manufacturers Equivalent Ferrite Materials - based on Initial Permeability
pdf.gif (134 bytes) World Wide Ferrite Manufacturers, compiled by Walter - PE1ABR
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Toroidal Core Application Worksheet (zipped Excel), by Mark Connelly
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Ferrite Toroidal Cores - AL value

Noise, RFI reduction

pdf.gif (134 bytes) A Ham's Guide to RFI, Ferrites, Baluns and Audio Interfacing, by Jim Brown, K9YC
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Ferrites for RFI, by Amidon
pdf.gif (134 bytes) På Störningsjakt i en vanlig villa av Bengt Falkengren (in Swedish)
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Is Your Coaxial Lead-In Actually an Antenna??, by John H. Bryant & Bill Bowers
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Common mode chokes by Chuck Counselman, W1HIS
pdf.gif (134 bytes) A dummie's guide to working with wall warts, by Joh H. Bryant
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Dealing with Computer generated RFI/EMI, by Daniel 9V1ZV
pdf.gif (134 bytes) RFI tips and tricks, by N1LO, Hamuniverse.com
pdf.gif (134 bytes) The DIY filter for AC RFI, description and schematics

Noise & RFI recordings

pdf.gif (134 bytes) How does a disturbing switched power supply sound?  Anders Hultqvist
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Presumed Chinese DC-adapter noise?  Anders Hultqvist
pdf.gif (134 bytes) LCD-TV generated noise picked up by Flag-antenna, Thomas Nilsson
pdf.gif (134 bytes) High voltage noise on 1550 MW, Thomas Nilsson
pdf.gif (134 bytes) High Voltage noise on 4885 SW, Thomas Nilsson
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Noise from LCD-TV, radiated through antenna coaxial cables. When using a portable radio the noise is
audible only 10 cm from the cables with power line RFI filter at the TV set. Without the power line RFI-filter
the noise is audible at least 1-1,5 m from the cables.
pdf.gif (134 bytes) High-Power Line noise in the range 3300-3800 kHz, Thomas Nilsson


pdf.gif (134 bytes) Heros Technology: preselectors, filters, galvanic isolators for SDR radios
pdf.gif (134 bytes) KitsAndParts.com: "The Toroid King", supplying Toroids, Electronic parts, etc.

Component suppliers for K9AY, ALA100, Flag & Pennant  antennas

Wellbrook Comunications, Various Loop antennas & parts supplier
Array Solutions, AS-SAL, AS-AYL, K9AY antenna system
RemoteQTH.com, Supplier of K9AY antenna systems
LBS, Lowbandsystems, Russian supplier of Flag Antenna mtrl
Far Circuits, Receiver preamplifiers, K9AY loop antenna kit
DX-Engineeering, Pennant Antenna Kit, Transformer & Resistor kit

Component suppliers for Beverage antennas

lbs, Lowbandsystems, Russian supplier of single or bidirectional beverage mtrl
Array Solutions, Beverage parts, SWSD-1 TERM & SWSD-1 TRAN
RemoteQTH.com, Supplier of Beverage antenna systems
DX-Engineering, Beverage antenna feed systems, amplifiers, voltage couplers
ICE, Industrial Communication Engineers, Beverage matching units


The Perseus SDR, general review by Bjarne Mjelde, www.kongsfjord.no
Perseus Quick Start for Win 7, by Scottish DX-er Ken Baird
Perseus installation XP, by Scottish DX-er Ken Baird
Useful Perseus hints by Scottish DX-er Ken Baird
Perseus 3rd Party Software Guide, by W. Paßmann
Settings for VSPE, installation & configuration, pdf-file, by Aldo Moroni & W. Paßmann
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Perseus Markers Guide by Niels Schiffhauer (in German)
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Perseus Markers Guide by Niels Schiffhauer (in English)
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Perseus Markers Guide by Niels Schiffhauer (in Italian)
pdf.gif (134 bytes) SciDAVis & several Perseus Markers (<= ver 2.1h) by Thomas Nilsson (in English)
pdf.gif (134 bytes) SciDAVis Win 7 settings for Perseus markers.log import by Thomas Nilsson (in English)
excel.gif Perseus Markers import guide (ver 4.0b) for Excel 2007 by Thomas Nilsson (in English)
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Perseus Power Supply, 12 V battery to Perseus 5 V - Final by Chuck Rippel & Guy Atkins
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Power supply AC 110/220 V to 5 V, Circuit Exchange Int'l, by Andy Collinson
pdf.gif (134 bytes) USB Power for Perseus, by Guido Schotmans

Winradio, Excalibur

G31DDC Excalibur review in RadCom, Oct 2010, by Peter Hart
G31DDC Excalibur review in RadioUser, Aug 2010, by Mike Richards
The Winradio G33DDC Excalibur SDR, by Bjarne Mjelde
Winradio Excalibur – Ein scharfes Hör-Schwert, review in Radio-Kurier, by Niels Schiffhauer
Winradio 3rd Party Software Guide by W. Paßmann

JRC 5xx receiver filter cross reference

pdf.gif (134 bytes) Optional filters for NRD-5XX receivers & cross reference.

 JRC 515 receiver modifications

pdf.gif (134 bytes) NRD-515, modifications by Thomas Nilsson (in English)
pdf.gif (134 bytes) NRD-515, ESKA Option 1+2 instruction manual (filter board & PLAM board)
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Installation of the NRD-515 Mother board Modifications, Sherwood
arrow.gif (134 bytes) NRD-515, A collection of NRD-515 oriented diagrams and modifications, by Walter Geeraert
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Replacement of transformers Sumida M41 LHJD 172 EIN3, by Bernhard Malet

JRC NRD 345/505/525/535 receiver reviews & modifications

arrow.gif (134 bytes) NRD-505 General information + exciting links compiled by WW2PT
pdf.gif (134 bytes) NRD-345 review, Shortwave Magazine 1997
pdf.gif (134 bytes) NRD-525/535, modifications by Thomas Nilsson (in English)
arrow.gif (134 bytes) Pühler-Electronic Modifications and Active Antennas for NRD-525/535 series
pdf.gif (134 bytes) NRD-525, Edvis phase locked AM & IF filter board, user review by Rafael Calabuig
pdf.gif (134 bytes) NRD-525, schematic & PCB layout for Edvis phase locked AM & filter option
arrow.gif (134 bytes) Wastegunner on a 525, by John H. Bryant
pdf.gif (134 bytes) NRD-525, parts list for Edvis phase locked AM & filter option board
pdf.gif (134 bytes) NRD-525, instruction manual for Edvis phase locked AM & IF filter board modifications
pdf.gif (134 bytes) NRD-525 - some problems and cures, by  D. Hughson
pdf.gif (134 bytes) NRD-525 Filter mods, by Dallas Lankford, 1992
pdf.gif (134 bytes) NRD-525 filter leakage, by Dallas Lankford April 15, 1993
pdf.gif (134 bytes) NRD-525 technical review, by Dallas Lankford Dec 15 1992
pdf.gif (134 bytes) NRD-525 AGC mod, by Dallas Lankford, June 92
pdf.gif (134 bytes) NRD-525 AM AGC mod 2, by Dallas Lankford Dec 92
NRD-525 Narrower Bandwidth Noise Blanker, by Dallas Lankford Dec 92
pdf.gif (134 bytes) NRD-525 S-meter Damping, by Dallas Lankford Jan 93
pdf.gif (134 bytes) NRD-525, review in Enjoying Radio 1987, by Charles Bolland
pdf.gif (134 bytes) NRD-525 modifications by John R. Tow
pdf.gif (134 bytes) NRD-525 versus R5000, review in Enjoying Radio 1987, by Dave Newkirk
pdf.gif (134 bytes) NRD-535 as MW receiver, by Nick Hall-Patch

AOR AR-7030 receiver

pdf.gif (134 bytes) AR7030 - a bold new receiver from Britain, by Guy Atkins


pdf.gif (134 bytes)
Phil's Fidelity Increase Mod, Ver 1.0
pdf.gif (134 bytes)
Phil's Fidelity Increase Mod, Application Notes 1
pdf.gif (134 bytes)
Phil's ECSS Volume Mod, Ver 1.0
pdf.gif (134 bytes)
Phil's Cheap AM Filter Mod, Ver 2.0
pdf.gif (134 bytes)
IC-R75 AM & S-AM Mod, Ver 2.0 (upgrade)
arrow.gif (134 bytes)
Icom R75 programmer ver
arrow.gif (134 bytes)
Rx_Log_And_Tuner by J. Rabe

Various receivers, modifications & schematics

arrow.gif (134 bytes) Charly H. Hardt, Weltempfänger-Spezialist + viele modifikationen (in German)
arrow.gif (134 bytes) Circuit Exchange International, Lots of schematics by Andy Collinson
pdf.gif (134 bytes) ICOM-filter reference
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Collins klassiker 51J, Stig Adolfsson, Radio & Television nr 12,1979
arrow.gif (134 bytes) Rohde&Schwarz NV-14T antenna splitter + modification for MW
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Så modifierar du R390A/URR,  Stig Adolfsson, Radio & Television nr 12,1981
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Hammarlund SP600, Stig Adolfsson, Radio & Television nr 8,1979
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Hammarlund SP600 VLF, Stig Adolfsson, Radio & Television nr 10,1980
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Racal RA17, Stig Adolfsson, Radio & Television nr 3, 1983
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Drake R7, Stig Adolfsson, Radio & Television nr 2, 1981
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Kenwood R1000, Stig Adolfsson, Radio & Television nr 2, 1981
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Kenwood R2000, Elektronikvarlden nr 3, 1984
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Effektiv, komplett aktiv antenn, Stig Adolfsson, Radio & Television nr 1, 1979 
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Delta Loop, Stig Adolfsson, Radio & Television nr 3, 1979 
pdf.gif (134 bytes) DX-Forum, Stig Adolfsson, Radio & Television nr 4, 1982 
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Modifiering av mottagare och andra tips från SWB 1980

Tuners, Preamps & Splitters
pdf.gif (134 bytes) R&S Multi-Coupler Type NV 14T, Pictures
pdf.gif (134 bytes) R&S Multi-Coupler Type NV 14T, Manual
pdf.gif (134 bytes) R&S Multi-Coupler Type NV 14T, Modification for MW & LW, by Rolf Larsson
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Description & operating instructions for R&S HF Multi-Coupler type NV 4/60, (English)
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Data sheet of R&S HF Trennverstärker  NV4, (German)
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Description of Antenna Amplifier type ROSWA NV4, (Swedish)
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Operation manual for Antenna Amplifier type ROSWA NV4, (Swedish)

Manuals & Reviews
pdf.gif (134 bytes) DX Engineering RPA-1 HF-preamplifier, DX-Engineering manual
pdf.gif (134 bytes) DX-Engineering BFS-1 Single Beverage antenna matching system, User manual
pdf.gif (134 bytes) DX-Engineering RBSA-1P Reversible antenna system, User manual
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Clifton Laboratories Norton HF Amplifier Z10040B Assembly & Operation Manual
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Pre-Amp Peregrinations AR2/RPA-1 HF-preamps on DXing.Info, by John Bryant/Mark Connelly
pdf.gif (134 bytes) I.C.E. 180 Beverage matching transformer
pdf.gif (134 bytes) DX-Engineering Beverage Feed System BFS-1 + I.C.E. 185 matching transformer


ram.jpg (134 bytes) K9AY demo recording (ram-file) & corresponding article at DXing.info by Guy Atkins
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Flag Antenna reversal 1566 kHz, 2010-06-09, direction 210/300/30/120, 20 sec each
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Flag Antenna reversal 1566 kHz, 2010-06-08, direction 300/120, 20 sec each
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Flag Antenna reversal 1566 kHz, 2008-09-18, direction 30/210, 20 sec each
pdf.gif (134 bytes) 3905 R New Ireland, Oct 3 2008 recording from Christoph Ratzer, Austria
pdf.gif (134 bytes) 3905 R New Ireland, Jan 6 2009 recording from Christoph Ratzer, Austria
pdf.gif (134 bytes) Voyager 1 time compression